BMW F650GS sound

Here's a sound example of my BMW F650GS Dakar "Der karierte Esel" (which translates to The Checkered Donkey) equipped with stock exhaust pipe.

What you will hear:

It begins with starting the Dakar roughly 10m behind the microphone in front of my garage. I pass the microphone on the left side, have to wait a bit for some cages to pass, and go out on the street. I come back after a short while passing on the street with low revs, and accelerating. After a short while again I come back with higher revs. Again I come back, then I enter my property, stop on the left side of the microphone, then ride back to the garage.

Technically, the recording was done with a Soundman OKM II professional microphone, mounted on a Dummy Head, connected via a Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB soundcart to a Dell Latitude notebook. The recording was done and mastered with the software CoolEdit96.

Since this is a Dummy Head recording, you better put on your headphones ...

And on we go: BMW F650GS Dakar with stock exhaust pipe (mp3, 760 KByte)

And here you can hear my Transalp (mp3, 800 KByte)